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Desk sharing at work: benefits & helpful tips

What if we could transform your office workspace without the need for extra space or a significant budget? The concept of desk sharing might just be the innovative solution you need. This practice has evolved from a novel idea into a core strategy for modern office management, highlighting benefits beyond mere cost savings. It fosters adaptability and efficiency, particularly within hybrid teams. 

As more companies adopt desk sharing, the traditional one-desk-per-employee model is becoming increasingly obsolete. This method offers numerous advantages, such as increased flexibility for employees and improved collaboration opportunities. For instance, companies like Google and many more have successfully implemented flexible workplace strategies that include desk sharing, reflecting significant improvements in collaboration and space utilization as stated by Mckinsey 

Implementing Desk Sharing with Ease

This article will guide you through the process of implementing desk sharing in your workplace, ensuring it adds value to all participants. We’ll also explore how technologies like LIZ Booker simplify the management of shared spaces. Whether you’re initiating this setup or refining an existing one, we’ll cover the essential components for success in your office.



Why Desk Sharing? The Hybrid Work Model

Desk sharing has surged in popularity due to the rise of hybrid work practices. As companies blend remote and in-office activities, the need for permanent desks diminishes. Employees can select workstations that suit their schedules, promoting a flexible and dynamic work environment. 

This strategy not only makes the workplace more collaborative and versatile but also optimizes resource use and enhances employee satisfaction. The recent findings on hybrid work models highlights that companies adopting flexible working arrangements report up to 74% higher productivity and around 30% lower operational costs.


A key element in the successful implementation of workplace booking is the use of effective workplace booking software. LIZ Smart Office offers such a tool in the form of LIZ Booker. It enables employees to book workstations quickly and easily and helps managers to manage workstation occupancy efficiently. With features such as real-time availability displays and simple booking processes, LIZ Booker makes workplace booking a child’s play.

Cost Savings and Employee Happiness

Implementing desk sharing can lead to significant cost reductions by optimizing the use of office space and reducing other overheads like utilities and equipment. For example, if a company with 100 employees typically requires 1,000 square meters according to our data, desk sharing could reduce this requirement by 300 square meters on days when only 70% of the staff are in the office. 

This saving can translate into financial gains from renting out the excess space. Moreover, this practice boosts employee happiness by providing a break from the daily routine, supporting a better work-life balance. A study by Global Workplace Analytics (2020), found that flexible workplaces help increase employee satisfaction and engagement by as much as 86%.

A People-Centric Approach for Enhanced Productivity

Desk sharing tends to create a more people-centered work environment, leading to superior outcomes for both employees and the organization. It accommodates various working styles and fosters a culture of flexibility, allowing employees to choose their workspace based on their daily tasks, mood, or need for collaboration. Such personalization not only enhances job satisfaction but also encourages a sense of ownership and responsibility among employees, leading to a happier, more engaged, and productive team. According to research conducted at Walden University (2020), employee-centric workplaces significantly boost innovation and retention rates.


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Feedback and Communication: Key to Successful Implementation

Implementing desk sharing successfully requires understanding and addressing the unique needs and preferences of your staff. Begin by collecting feedback through surveys, meetings, or focus groups to gather insights on their concerns and suggestions. This inclusive approach helps ensure that the transition not only considers spatial and logistical aspects but also enhances employee well-being and productivity. Transparent communication about the benefits and logistical changes involved in moving to a shared desk layout will help ease the transition and foster acceptance.

Establishing Desk Sharing Etiquette and Security

It’s also essential to establish clear desk-sharing etiquette. Create guidelines that address cleanliness, personal space, and the booking process, and make these rules easily accessible through an intranet or a physical handbook. Additionally, consider the cybersecurity implications of a shared desk setup, particularly if implementing a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy. Invest in robust digital security measures like protected Wi-Fi, strong encryption, and multi-factor authentication to safeguard data integrity and privacy.

Optimizing Physical Setup with Adjustable Furniture

Finally, the physical setup of your workspace should include adjustable furniture and equipment to cater to different physical needs and tasks. Investing in ergonomic solutions like standing desks and adjustable chairs can enhance comfort and productivity, demonstrating your commitment to employee well-being.

By integrating these strategies, desk sharing can transform your office into a more flexible, collaborative, and efficient space, ultimately benefiting both employees and the organization. We at LIZ believe that desk sharing policy has become crucial for the success of the enterprises and as a result, LIZ Booker could play a pivotal role in this transformation of your company as well, by offering an intuitive platform for managing shared desk bookings, hybrid working, time tracking and much more, ensuring a smooth transition and ongoing efficiency in your adapted workspace!


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